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HCL Technologies ranked as the top technology company and 2nd overall on the Nikkei Asia 300 Power Performers Ranking.

Source: Nikkei Asia 300 Power Performers Ranking


ALMSmart–Agile and DevOps platform. ALMSmart provides effective planning, standardization of tools integration and processes with CI/CD pipelines, automated feedback & measurement, control and reporting of activities in all stages of application delivery lifecycle with the integrated platform

ALMSmart is an integrated platform for managing IT projects. It provides customizable tools for enhanced planning, execution, monitoring, control and reporting of activities in all the stages of application delivery life cycle by providing each stakeholder with their own role-based access. All the day-to-day work items, issues, risks and reviews can be captured, tracked and accessed within the system. More importantly these can be linked to each other and to the business requirements and task initiatives based on relevance and context-based clusters of information

Why ALMSmart?

The common challenges faced by delivery are:
  • There is no real-time visibility of the exact status across the team, at any point of time
  • Tedious task of manually collecting/collating the status from different teams every day
  • Can be error-prone because the status may be reflecting for a different point of time
  • Manually preparing status reports in different formats for different stakeholders
  • Person-dependent
  • Manually having to track the traceability across different SDLC phases
  • No Collaboration amongst different teams
ALMSmart will eliminate all the above mentioned delivery challenges.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Integrated, Real-time visibility and Predictability through dashboards, brings in confidence in senior management and customer, thus helps improve customer satisfaction

Breaks down silos

Transparency among team members on work assignment and status. Supports teams to connect, collaborate and deliver on time throughout the Project Lifecycle

Better Quality

Quality through more-effective management of requirements, design and quality processes

Centralized Dashboards

Centralized details and statistics from various tools that ensures real-time Project Status and Reporting

Faster Development

Accelerates development to deployment through simplified tool integrations, process standardizations, continuous delivery DevOps practices

Enhanced Traceability

Traceability feature guides project team on Project status, historical account of requirements, decisions and changes brought within project


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