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Application 360

Improving Application Life Cycle Experience through Engineering & Integration

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Integrated Platform

for End-to-End App Life Cycle and Program Management
with Agile and DevOps Best Practices... in a Plug-n-Play way

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Real Time Reporting of Core Metrics

Work smarter, better, and faster with core metrics for efficient monitoring.

Track progress, efforts and issue trends real-time in multi-project environment.

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Improving Application Life Cycle experience through Automation & unified views

HCL's way of bringing fragmented processes and tooling of various aspects of SDLC within Agile & DevOps initiatives to enable data-driven decision-making easier and help the enterprises align strategy with execution. Application 360 brings Engineering processes and Program management under an integrated dashboard and provides full traceability from portfolio-level EPICs to development-level tasks, giving all stakeholders the contextual information they need to connect the dots.
Provides 360-degree view to various stakeholders and helps foreseeing various risks to mitigate / track to closer. Reduces the development effort and aids in improving the productivity & quality aspects of people and processes.
Focused on Agile & DevOps initiatives
Bringing fragmented SDLC processes under a hood Full traceability from portfolio-level EPICs to development-level tasks Providing all stakeholders, the contextual information they need, to connect the dots
Build Faster with Confidence
Avoid risk and develop code that adds value to your client - faster and safer. Enable Auto-Deploy or Release features with checkpoints, when you're ready
Modern App Development - a click away
Building systems still in traditional ways? Unleash the full potential of your team with Application 360 - Engage them where their efforts are best suited for. Let Application 360 take care of platform provisioning with Code Accelerators and DevOps pipeline
Bridging Gaps between Engineering and Management teams
While the engineering teams aspire for agility, the management is focused on strategy and standardization. Application 360 tries to balance both the worlds - providing contextual information to different stakeholders for quick decision making.


Project Initialization

with HCL Best practices and pre-built components & templates

Integrated View of Overall Project

All key elements of project health at one place, for easy accessibility

Project Insights

Alerting for Key Health Indicators, to take quick decisions for mid-course correction.

Customizable Widgets

Single snapshot of all the key metrics - change it the way you want it.

Bringing Engg aspects into ALM

Provisioning, Code generators, Pipeline automation, and more.

Persona based Reporting

Greater visibility into ALM to different project stakeholders


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