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DREYFUS based assessment of the candidates.
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Assessment of candidate via subjective as well as objective approach.
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Automated evaluation of the assessments.
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  • Kalibre framework is an online tool used to assess the knowledge/skill a of candidate in a technology with the help of not only objective questions (i.e. MCQ questions) but also subjective approach using Programming exercise and code review test.
  • Kalibre is the answer to all the challenges like, Finding the right skill on right time without making it tiring and time waste effort, assessing the candidate's technical skills by replacing the conventional way of Candidate's assessment to an automated way.


Assessment Evaluation Report

Assessment report shows the MCQ score along with Code Coverage, Cyclomatic complexity,  Reliability rating, Security rating, Maintainability rating, Documentation, Duplication and Test case execution data on candidate's written code.


Kalibre framework utilizes the DREYFUS model, it helps the better judgement of candidate’s skill evaluation with respect to candidate’s experience.

Multiple Choice Questions

Kalibre framework supports the candidate’s assessment using Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ) for concerned Technology and skill level.

Programming Exercise

Programming Exercise covers the Subjective aspects, Candidate has to write a program against a problem statement and code will be auto built and tested in DevOps enviornment.

Code Review Exercise

Code Review Exercise tests the candidate’s code review skills. Candidate provides the comments like improving the code quality, finding any issues in the given code snippet.


Ramping up employees skills of a Retail Client

Leveraging Kalibre to Ramp up the existing pool of employees

Retail Client who was going through the digital transformation used the Kalibre tool to find and fix the gap in technical skills of existing employees in quickest possible time in Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, AngularJS.

On boarding new talent for a Banking Domain Client

Reduced Time and Efficient Process in on-boarding new talent using Kalibre

Renowned Banking domain client used Kalibre to assess the technical skills of the new talent which saved them a huge cost in terms of time, efforts and money in the process. Reduced Time and Efficient Process.

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