We believe that Integration, API & Micro services are at the nucleus of the Digital Transformation. Hence, these practices work collaboratively while exist independently as well with a designated Product heads to manage the following scope:

  1. Create and execute the product backlog consisting of Accelerators, Industry specific solutions, best practices specific to Integrations, API & Micro services.
  2. Provide state of the art solution to the RFXs and manage the bid-defence.
  3. Build the capability to ensure delivery teams are able to meet new demands.
  4. Engage with delivery right from their kick-off to hand hold till they reach stability phase.
  5. Provide Delivery Support on need basis

The entire scope mentioned is very important to grow & lead in Industry, so, ample focus is provided in these areas but couple takes the higher priority.First and foremost is to create an effective product backlog based on brainstorming with our GTM teams, Senior Leadership, Sales team and partners.
This product backlog helps us to stay as differentiator in the space. The list gets revaluated every quarter and based on change in demands, the priority gets redefined. The Product team also work with partners to create joint offering, CAMP (Cloud Agnostic Migration Platform) or C4E in ADPass (Mulesoft) (WIP) to name a few.
Engaging with delivery to ensure they kick start smoothly takes the next priority. Post that Product Team work with delivery heads to oversee technical governance throughout the lifecycle of projects.

The practice focuses micro service as the fundamendal enabler for digital enterprise in constructing more autonomous business services & exposing it securely and being tracable for usage through API Gateways.
We have defined micro services reference architecture covering prodominant frameworks which stands as the foundation for selecting suitable future state architecture components for various engagements.
Comparing the nature of applicability of micro services with API & Containers, API are leveraged to provision self signing portal for agent & partner on boarding for the underlying micro services where as micro services provides the core business implementation. Containers & Orchestration Engines are leveraged to host micro services and distribute load among containers and focuses re usability.

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