MSA Studio supports the few major frameworks in JAVA like spring2.5 and above, struts1.x and 2, EJB 1.x and above.

MAS Studio address these concerns and provides suggestions over micro services creation, and helps to generate and deploy these through ADC. A few of the aspects that are considered to arrive at a suitable proposition, are listed below.

  • Execution Sequence of application flows / business services
  • Sub Scenarios & Alternative Scenarios
  • Parameters & Return Object references – Structure Depth & Size
  • Entities, Data Access Objects & Caching Framework References
  • Transactional Boundaries
  • Reference to Server Objects such as request & session
  • Integration Technologies associated with each functionality
  • Vulnerabilities applied to each of the functionalities

MAS Studio can help reduce the overall schedule and cost by ~30%, while achieving the target Microservices architecture, with the below benefits.

  • Smaller cycles to Assess existing monolithic architecture
  • Reduction in Effort to Design Micro Services architecture, including security aspects
  • Minimal Time to assess & provide surrogate function such as transaction, integration etc.
  • Shorter periods to provision runtime installations, configs, and deployment procedures
  • Effort to enforce Non-Functional Requirements such as Security, Transactions Etc.

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