With increased adoption of modern technologies such as API, Microservices and Responsive UI along with AD on Cloud, the success ratio of Application Development (AD) projects has typically been unappealing. While building applications leveraging these technologies is not difficult, the challenge lies in managing the entire ecosystem. We offer such a platform, as part of our application development services, to design, build, deploy, and manage the modern applications, using SAFe /Spotify models with focus on Cloud First and Mobile First architectures. Our approach helps mitigate the risks including


  • Lack of Standardized ways of working and Automation as an afterthought
  • Missing End-to-end traceability & real time visibility of status to Business users
  • ¬†Success of AD programs is typically dependent upon a few star performers in the teams
  • ¬†Duplicated effort in setting up common technical frameworks (viz. DevOps, logging, data access, application monitoring, test cases, etc.) for each AD project